Man Enough is the most elaborate composition of presentation secrets and image advice that will grant you an unfair advantage before whatever audience with specific regard to the suit. It is the one literature that discloses the factors which separate standing from standing tall and has been the result of an expert analysis of what really makes or breaks the suit by Brian Kisimba.

Following the increasing discovery of Africa and the minds that peddle the great continent, it became paramount that its leaders and company executives assumed better representation not only of themselves but of the continent in entirety. The word about Africa being the world’s greatest treasure had just gotten out and it was time for Africa to pull its card at the global poker table. Brian has been fortunate to have helped a multitude of great men and women put forth the best representation of the continent as one with competitive understanding of formal etiquette and business manners visive how they looked.

To help an even greater wave of men, Brian put together Man Enough as an essential program for his best clients to coach them on the global expectations in regard to clothing and help them achieve world class results in their various professions.


Man Enough is an image and presentation goldmine for well-to-do entrepreneurs, high-flying company executives, state renown dignitaries, organization representatives and mass educators who all need to access the untapped privileges of the suit as the modern gentleman’s armor. Whether at the face of business war or inside the negotiation chambers of a country’s government, Man Enough holds the key to having significance and identity stack up to your best interest. Simply put, your golden ticket to the next level of social and professional influence.


out of the BOOK

Discover the hidden secrets around the suit and how it’s being used in the elite community to dominate and control industries across the world by high performers.

Uncover what really makes a suit stand out and how best you can use these to stand apart.

Get a step by step guide around cultivating your identity and building a lasting personal brand through image and appearance.

Discover the full potential of perception and how you can use it to your advantage in business and social settings.

Uncover the perfect guide around coordination of a self-sufficient wardrobe with master tips on color patterns, pairing and matching of the suit and its components.


Brian Kisimba is a Kenyan-born business man with a diverse understanding of image and style from a global perspective. Best known as the founder and CEO of the Menshionette suits label, Brian has helped achieve incredible results for his niche list of clientele that majorly encompasses dignitaries and world competitive businessmen. Beyond delivering bespoke solutions to his clientele, Brian has been privileged to administer his gift to the President of Kenya, H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta, and a number of state officials that form the country’s political frontier. He is forever looking for the betterment of every man’s version of self and believes that every book shall forever be judged by its cover.


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